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Salon formula from Natural Bronzing in California 

Made in the USA



2 Natural Bronzing Solution 3oz Bottles, Vinyl Glove & Cloth Glove



Before Application:

  •  No need to exfoliate. No scrubbing is better with NB solution. If you exfoliate, please do so very lightly and evenly.
  • NO moisturizers or lotions on your skin before applying, especially on legs.
  • For best results, all manicures, pedicures and waxing should be done before using NB Self-Tan Kit.
  • Shaving before or after application is fine. We recommend using hair conditioner as shaving cream and light pressure.

Applying Solution:

  1. Put vinyl gloves on to protect your hands from solution, then put white cloth gloves on/over the vinyl gloves.
  2. With both gloves on, spray 2-3 pumps of NB tanning solution onto ONE palm or three fingers.
  3. Rub glove with solution gently over small areas of skin until blended smooth, re-applying 2-3 sprays and repeat. Switch hands to apply to other side of body.

1 coat = light, 2 coats = medium, 3+ coats = dark

After Application:

  • We recommend that you do not shower, moisturize, exercise or perspire excessively for the first 8-10 hours after application. Moisture can dilute the color on your skin.
  • After application and 8-10 hours, you can shower/rinse anytime.
  • Moisturize daily after showering. This reduces the rate at which your skin naturally exfoliates and will keep your tan longer.
  • Applying lotion in-shower on wet skin works well. Pat dry after.
  • Waterproof sunscreen will help protect your tan in water.
  • Cloth gloves can be washed and reused.


FOR QUESTIONS, TEXT (650) 302-8208